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VacTrac(TM) 300 Retractable Vacuum Hose Systems

Ergonomic Vacuum Hose Management  
The VacTrac® 300 Hose Retractor is a patented ergonomic, space saving, vacuum hose management system. The system retracts and stores the hose inside the vacuum line/piping utilizing the actual vacuum system suction. There are no hoses to hook up or reels or cabinets to take up shop space.  
An engineered solution, the system consists of a hose retractor valve, a vacuum hose kit, a hose storage track/vacuum line all integrated into the vacuum motor & plumbing system
The VacTrac® 300 installation can easily be engineered to plant specifications and worker/workplace ergonomic & safety needs in in new facilities. It can be retrofit to any standard industrial vacuum system.
Complete Industrial Engineering, Specification publications & peripheral Project Management services available.

Sanitation & sensitive material handling benefits:
Polyethylene conductive hoses that comply with NFPA Code 77 are available for applications where fine debris like flour dust is present and electrostatic discharge (ESD) may occur.

Specifically designed to vibrate the polyethylene, ribbed hose when retracted thus allowing residue to be suctioned into the very same central vacuum piping system into which the hose retracts!

Retractor Valve Components

VacTrac® 300 Vacuum Hose Retractor housings are powder coated aluminum weldments. Other components making up the assembly are a combination of powder coated aluminum, zinc plated and stainless steel and elastomeric vacuum seals.  

The deck mounted configuration utilizes a standard VacTrac300® vacuum hose retractor valve mounted in a housing under the deck with a hinged flip up door mounted flush with the deck. The flip up door can be closed and latched with the vacuum hose extended and locked. The bracket, door frame and trap door are made from steel.

The opening required in a metal deck or floor can be cut with non-sparking mechanical saws and the assembly is bolted to the deck. No hot work is required.

Vacuum Plumbing

Vacuum tubing, elbows and fittings that make up the hose track are made from 2.125” OD galvanized steel tubing. Tubing, elbows and fittings required to connect the hose track to the existing vacuum system will be also be galvanized steel. Large radius (12”) custom steel elbows are used for all turns within the hose track length.

Quick Disconnects

Quick disconnects in the hose track that can be opened without tools are available to service clogged vacuum lines.

Shutoff Valves

Pneumatically operated shutoff valves that temporarily interrupt the vacuum suction on a specific hose track are available for “high vacuum” installations. This aids in hose extraction.


This product was developed for the Aerospace Industry and is in use in many production facilities. It is easily adapted to any industrial facility where machining debris is an concern. 
The retracting hose provides an easy to use and easy to stow cleaning tool. You need only draw the required amount of hose for your task, lock the hose in place, and when the task complete simply unlock the hose and it stows itself. A rubber ball seal insures that the vacuum is closed. 
On Site Configurable Vacuum Pumps

We have developed custom Vacuum pumps that are compact, powerful, programmable, and most importantly, can be configured to fit your shop's needs on sight. With our patented assembly features, you can rotate the debris can up to 180 deg, multiple intake ports allow more placement options for tight spaces. There are two filter bag access doors for easy replacement even if placed close to a wall or rail.
We use regenerative blowers for exceptional life and easy replacement. 
Our Variable Drive control interface allows for adjustments in pressure, CFM, Soft Start, Remote On/Off switch integration, Automation, and more.
Our vacuum pumps where designed for the Aerospace Production Industry where weight, space, configurablity and reliability are key.
Our service team is happy to work with you to design a system that fits your company's needs.  
Vacuum Tools

An assortment of vacuum tools (brushes, crevice tools, etc) are available in plastic or metal. A few popular items are shown in the pictures. Ask for a vacuum tool list.

Hose Kits

Hose kits consist of a 1.50” ID flexible polyethylene hose, orange or black in color, equipped with a hard vinyl hose cuff on the user or tool end and a retraction guide on the butt end of the hose. Both conductive and nonconductive hoses are available. Conductive hoses meet NFPA ESD Code 77. Hose lengths can range from 5 to 50 feet.