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Pacific Mechanical Devices Services

Design and prototyping of disposable surgical device for tissue removal and implant delivery. Design and prototyping of vacuum system and controls. Extensive work with medical grade materials and silicone elastomerics. Heavy use of rapid prototyping. Design/packaging and prototyping of miniature expendable mechanisms, micro fluid delivery systems and high volume disposable devices for medical applications. Mechanical design and packaging of miniature sensors for detecting specific elements in very small sample sizes. Extensive use of injection molded plastics. Use of stereo lithography and rubber mold castings for rapid prototyping of complex parts. Design and prototyping of stow able self-erecting stand used to x-ray patient’s feet while supporting full body weight. Stand was designed to compliment client's existing digital x-ray equipment in configuration and style. Design, fabrication, programming and delivery of miniature CNC mill for drilling and countersinking suture holes in surgical implants. Design, prototyping and production of first 50 field test units of physical therapy device for exercising patient’s jaw after oral surgery. Also design of device for exercising patient’s hand and fingers after surgery. Design support for surgeon at Stanford University with development of new bone splicing clips.


Design, prototyping and delivery of devices for automated fin clipping and encoded pin tagging of salmon hatchery fingerlings. Pneumatic Knotweed inoculation tool. Automated test device for toxic algae bloom in sea water.  

Design and fabrication of a precision torque measurement fixture to measure torque vs. displacement and output data via a strip chart recorder. Design and fabrication of a laboratory instrument to precisely measure and regulate vacuum pressure to within 1mm Hg and to monitor flow rate thru a surgical device. 

Design and packaging of miniature optical hardware for head mounted displays utilizing virtual retinal display technology.Design and prototyping of optical mounting and focusing hardware for digital microscope systems used in automated tissue sample scanning. Design and delivery of various laser alignment and measuring fixtures for micro-motion actuators.Design and prototyping of an adjustment mirror used in the calibration of precision digital microscopes reducing set up time from several hours to a few minutes. Centrifuge for counter current chromatography. 

Industrial Products

Design and prototyping of injection molded plastic enclosures for electronic controls and displays for commercial refrigeration units. Used fusion deposition molding to deliver prototypes within two days of ordering the parts. Custom construction Jigs.

Consumer Products

Development of a hose retraction and storage system for central vacuum cleaner installations. Development and prototyping of ergonomically designed portable arm rest and wrist support with integral mouse pad for computer desks. Design and Development of a safety screen to keep infants away from bath water controls.


Design and prototyping of high end bicycle accessories. Training tools for string instruments.

CAD modeling and rapid prototyping of plastic enclosure for safety line clevis. The line is used to arrest falls of workers from elevated structures. When the safety line catches a falling worker, the plastic enclosure is fractured indicating the line should be replaced. Rearview mirror for safety helmets.
Motion Control Electronics and Software

Custom Circuit and software design for lab and production applications. Micro CNC machine. Control box for automated ecology tool.